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exterior cladding

Overcladding Alternatives

Retrofit programs are taking over the construction industry and are producing the largest amount of works. Overcladding has become one of the most popular alternatives for renovating the exterior of existing buildings. This solution gives a building a new look, new life and will generate saving on electricity when thermal and insulation issues are attended. Overcladding benefits are greatest when dealing with high story buildings, or buildings confined in a small site, where demolishing process is almost impossible and not feasible.

Benefits of Over cladding

Aesthetics is a huge factor when dealing with overcladding projects. Several solutions have become available that minimize system depth, achieving the expected aesthetic. Some of the benefits that you will get from the overcladding process are:

* Increases the service life of the structure.
* Increases revenue and value of the building.
* Improves appearance of structure.
* Improves thermal, acoustical and natural daylight performance.
* Optimizes the use of considerable thermal mass.
* Helps eliminate internal problems.
* Protects the structure from water penetration and improves air tightness.
* Lowers maintenance costs and allows upgrading of building services.
* Over cladding retrofits pay for themselves in reduced energy costs.

Alternatives for Overcladding

1. Composite Panels

* Ideal for industrial and commercial projects
* Panel lengths ensure fast and economical installation
* Panels provide excellent acoustic performance
* Air and water tightness is improved
* High performance fire resistant performance and integrity

2. Rain Screen Panels

* Normally attached to a lightweight support structure which is secured to the building’s wall creating a cavity between it and the façade. Then insulation is applied to the external wall.
* Weather-resistant decorative skin attached to the main structure by a supporting grid
* Rain screen panels create a ventilated and drained cavity in between
* Reduces condensation risks associated with internal or cavity wall insulation
* Allow the building fabric to breathe without the risk of interstitial condensation
* The need for complicated damp proof membrane detailing is eliminated
* Reduces the risk of cold bridging
* Provides pressure equalization across the outer skin

3. Built Up Systems

* Manufactured from pre-finished steel or aluminum
* Can be use in a vast array of colors; providing a wide choice of aesthetic finish
* Wide range of profiles, materials and orientations
* The acoustic and thermal performance can be adjusted achieving specific requirements
* Semi-rigid slab insulation ensures continuity of insulation and no risk of sagging
* Wall cladding systems fire wall options are available

4. Cement Cladding

* Highly resistance to impact damage, weathering, atmospheric pollutants
* Will not support mold growth or fungi
* Cement panels have a life expectancy of at least 40 years
* Specially developed ultra-violet light and weather resistant surface
* Lightweight and easy to cut and fix
* Frost proof
* Color matched or concealed fixing systems
* Low maintenance
* Several colors available, including metallic and wood grain options
* Colored on both sides

For the cladding industry, the wider choice of finishes that are now available, as well as the practical advantages that these are proven to deliver, means cladding renovation can now be fully considered as a cost effective option and at the same time achieve a high quality finish to rival even the most premium of new builds.

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NRG Greenboard

NRG Greenboard™ is an insulative walling system suitable for external cladding of timber or steel framed buildings as well as solid concrete and masonary walls. The system provides a weather resistant seam free rendered finish in a wide range of textures and colours. It also provides continuous thermal insulation over the entire wall. Developed in Germany in 1973, these systems have been extensively used throughout Western Europe and North America where strict environmental laws are in place governing the energy efficiency of both private and commercial buildings. The system has been well tried in Australia over the past 15 years ranging from dry arid areas to tropical and alpine regions. The system has been proven very successful in these areas. The NRG Company is providing and increasing research and development of the system to improve the product.

Properties and Advantages of the NRG Walling

Environmental Factors

The NRG Greenboard™ panel is manufactured from high – density, rigid, expanded polystyrene. The raw material is gained as a by-product of the manufacture of oil. Greenboard™ is manufactured without the use of CFC’s and does not contain or emit any poisonous gas. In fact NRG Greenboard™ is made up of 98% air entrapped in a closed cellular structure of polystyrene. This entrapped air accounts for the extremely good insulation properties of the Greenboard. Disposal of waste building materials and polystyrene is becoming a major concern for today’s planners. This is not the case with NRG Greenboard™. The off cuts can be glued within the wall cavity prior to the installation of the internal linings as additional insulation also cutting down the impact to our environment as all the material is being used leaving no material to be removed from site.

Insulation for Energy Efficient Buildings

The NRG Greenboard™ system is probably the most cost efficient method of insulation in terms of R-value per dollar. Unlike some other methods of insulation that allow thermal bridging across the timber or steel studs the NRG Greenboard™ provides a continuous insulative sheath around the entire building.

Impact Resistance

NRG Walling System has sufficient impact resistance to cope with most domestic and commercial situations. In areas where high impacts may occur a double layer of the reinforced render is used.

Easy to Render

The surface of the NRG Greenboard™ is etched and primed providing an excellent substrate for the NRG Reinforced Greenboard™ Render.

Energy Efficient Production

Greenboard™ uses much less energy in its production than conventional building materials such as concrete and masonary.

Fashionable Render Finishes

Available in a wide range of architectural colours and styles.

Design Freedom

Curved walls, rounded corners, embossed patterns, raised wall areas, mouldings and other architectural features are simple to achieve and economically viable with the versatile NRG Walling System.

Insect Repellent

NRG Greenboard™ is impregnated with a natural insect repellent, perform guard.

Biologically Inert

The board will not rot and provides no nutritive value for insects or microorganisms.

Building Wind Zones

When mechanically fixed to a variety of substrates in accordance with the “NRG Greenboard™ Walling System – Installation Manual”, November 2004 revision 3, the Wall Cladding System is suitable for use in the building wind zones as shown.

(Table A Wind Ratings)

  • Intermediate Region B (W33) – “sheltered suburban”
    pd = 0.990 kPa
  • Intermediate Region B (W41) – “exposed suburban”
    pd = 1.485 kPa
  • Intermediate Region C (W50) – “open rural”
    (tropical cyclone) pd = 3.289 kPa
  • Intermediate Region D (W65) – “open rural”
    (severe tropical cyclone)
    pd = 4.719 kPa

NRG Greenboard™ Energy Efficient Wall Cladding System

NRG Greenboard™ is an insulative walling system suitable for external cladding of timber or steel framed buildings as well as solid concrete and masonry walls. The system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish in a wide range of textures and colours.

Design Freedom, NRG Greenboard™ -Curved walls, rounded corners, embossed patterns, raised wall areas, mouldings and other architectural features are simple to achieve and economically viable with the versatile NRG Energy Efficient Wall Cladding System.


• Sound Insulation – 60mm Greenboard™ (Rw 35, Ctr – 6)
• Environmentally Friendly – Recyclable, Re-usable Products.
• Insect Repellent
• Flame Retardant

NRG Greenboard™ Sunhood & Blades

NRG Sunhood & Blades will enhance the architectural appearance of modern building design, whilst providing both ‘shading’ and ‘weather’ protection over windows and doors.

NRG Sunhood & Blades designed simplicity, allows for speedy installation and finished with an extensive choice of textures and colour finishes.

All importantly NRG Sunhood & Blades assist designers and builders in complying with BCA 2006 – – Volume Two – Shading

NRG Greenboard™ Fencing

NRG Fencing looks great, its sturdy profile and attractive appearance will give any development that distinctive architectural appearance. No more costly strip footings and engaged pier construction.

NRG Fencing has less than ten components are lightweight and easily to handle. It can be purchased in kit form or erected by our skilled team of tradespeople.

NRG Fencing is finished off with stylish and decorative Hebel post caps, top rail and post capping moulds and finished with a decorative textured paint.


foammed_tn NRG Greenboard™40mm – 60mm – 75mm

showing unique diagonal grooving system – Advantages better key for rendered surface, in addition to allowing the inner surface to breath against the sarking membrane.

6mm_external_tn 6mm External Bead x 3000mm lengths

Application use for external corner and sunhoods

3mm_render_bead 3mm Render Bead

Application, used in composite construction i.e. fibrous cement, textured sheeting adjoins Greenboard™ finished surface.

sill_Bead 15 Sill Bead x 40mm & 60mm width x 6mm build x 3000mm
revealbead Reveal Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm

width x 6mm build x 3600mm – Application, Window Reveals/Control Joints

starterbead Starter Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm

width x 6mm build x 3000mm – Application, slab, high set, above roof

adhesive_can Expansion Joint Bead x 6mm x 3000mm

Application, between floor levels and gables – horizontally, vertically wall areas and steps in floor levels as well as creating a ‘drip grove’ line in under side of NRG Sunhood.

adhesive_can Bostik PVC Primer 5077

Application, used to prime reveal beads prior to sealing against aluminium window, this will prevent ‘roll-back’ of sealant in addition to providing a better bond for applying texture paint finish.

adhesive_can Adhesives & Sealant

Bostik Acrylic Adhesive ‘No More Nails’ used to bond Greenboard™ panels together, both horizontal and vertical edges.

Bostik Seal’n Flex – Application, sealing against aluminium window and door openings – expansion joints filler etc.

adhesive_can Stud Fixing & Washers

Timber Fixing and Metal Fixings

adhesive_can Foam Adhesives

Application – Installation of both Sunhoods & Blades, ideal for filling minor chip corner etc.

Powers – Expanded Trigger Foam

Power(s) Foam Cleaner(s)x

adhesive_can Masonry Fixings

a simple but effective method of fixing Greenboard™ to masonry surfaces.

mesh NRG Greenbaord™ Mesh

Reinforced, alkali resistant, fibreglass 160g/m mesh

render NRG 3B Greenboard Reinforced Render

Modified polymer cement render. Just add water.

sunhood Sunhood & Blades Fixing
Sunhood & Blade Fixing
Galvanised Brackets
Coach Screws (Timber)
Anchor Bolts (Masonry)
Purlin Bolts (Steel)
waterproofmem Waterproofing Membrane

Apply over finished rendered surface to waterproof NRG Sunhoods … prior to application of texture paint finish.

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